Phase I (2007-2010): Computer Simulations and Development of New Control Strategies

In the first phase of the OptiControl project specialists from the ETH Zurich, Siemens Switzerland Ltd., Empa Dübendorf, MeteoSwiss, and Gruner AG worked together on the development of novel, predictive control strategies for buildings.

The project focused on the application Integrated Room Automation (IRA). IRA deals with the automated control of blinds, electric lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation of an individual building zone.

For the development and performance assessment of the new control strategies a general methodology was developed. It is based on computer modeling and simulation and can be transferred also to other applications.


The project's main results from the period May 2007–July 2010 include:

  • Software, models and data sets for the integrated optimization of buildings and building systems
  • Improved rule-based IRA control strategies
  • Novel model predictive control algorithms tailored to buildings
  • New algorithms for delivering optimally precise hourly temperature and radiation forecasts at a building's location
  • Comparative analysis of energy saving potentials for IRA
  • Preparation of Phase II that aims at the demonstration of the developed solutions in a representative office building
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