Phase II

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Presentations held at the special event Gesamtheitliche vorausschauende Gebäudeautomation: Forschungsergebnisse im Praxistest [Comprehensive predictive building automation: research results tested in practice]:

arrow2 Von der Vision einer zukunftsweisenden Gebäudeautomation zu den Ergebnissen am Demonstratorgebäude (D. Gyalistras)
arrow2 Erkenntnisse aus Sicht des Planers: Neue Wege in der Gebäudeautomation = Neue Wege in der Gebäudeplanung (C. Sagerschnig)
arrow2 Erkenntnisse aus Sicht des Anbieters von Gebäudeautomation: Vorfeldentwicklung und Bewährungsprobe für Lösungsideen (M. Gwerder)
arrow2 Predictive building control: Insights from the research perspective (R. Smith)
arrow2 Erkenntnisse aus Sicht des Nutzers (A. Gaiser & G. Maltese)
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Phase I

Phase I of the OptiControl project dealt with the development of predictive control strategies in order to reduce the energy usage of buildings, improve occupant comfort, and reduce peak electricity demand. The focus was on the automated optimal control of blinds, electric lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation in individual building zones.

Project results were: software, models and data sets for the simulation-based assessment of building control strategies; novel control algorithms and strategies; new algorithms for improved weather predictions at a building's location; analysis of energy saving potentials related to control; preparation of the demonstration project.

arrow2 Final report of Phase I (in English), June/October 2010
arrow2 Summary report (in German), July 2010
arrow2 Results Overview (brochure in English/German/French), September 2010
arrow2 Visit the online simulation tool that applies the OptiControl control strategies